Hey Everyone!
I'm Natalie, a student and nail enthusiast from the North West of England. I created my blog originally as a portfolio for my graphic design work. I did this because for the past couple of years I have had my heart set upon becoming a Graphic Designer. Due to changes in my life I have come to realise Graphic Design is not something I wish to do as a career nor did I want to continue blogging about it as I had lost my passion for it.
This inspired me to create a nail art blog as a portfolio for my nail designs. This is simply a hobby for me as I am uncertain of what I want to do with my life at the minute, however, I am keeping my options open so I'd never said never to a career as a nail technician!
I love fashion and beauty as a whole but I find nail designs to be an interesting insight into someone's personality. Especially if they appear to be introverted yet have a very loud nail art design, it tells something of a story.
So, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for plenty of new nail designs I have come up with. If you have any requests or ideas for designs be sure to let me know by e-mailing me or leaving them in the comments below any of my posts!

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