Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Tiger Stripes Twist

Hey Everyone!
Today I have a design for you that I personally adore, I love a bright coloured nail polish and since it is Summer, orange is the way to go. For today's design I opted for an orange base and so the obvious direction to take that in, is tiger stripes. A simple, but still creative design idea that gives something different to a plain nail polish.
As you can see the twist here is using the alternating colours, black and white, to create the tiger stripes. I adore this twist because I feel the stripes in different colours add a new contrast to the orange colour than when just a white or black stripe is used.
Since I simply used a striping brush to create this design its safe to say, pretty much anyone can give it a go. Even if you're not the best when it comes to nail art designs but are just hoping to experiment. A useful tool idea if you don't have a striping polish is to use an old liquid eyeliner applicator. The thin tip allows the stripes to be applied evenly and the thickness is easily altered. Plus, it allows you to use the brush with different colours, rather than the one it originally came with.
Above are the polishes I used to create this nail look, I discussed how well the black Superstar polish and the Emily The Strange striper work in previous posts. The Le nail varnish is pretty pigmented for a white, however, a few coats are still needed for the best amount of brightness. I've tried Googling this brand but can't seem to find anything I'm afraid, the nail polish came in a set I received a while ago from a friend, so I apologise for being unable to offer any more information regarding this polish.
How adorable is the bottle for this orange polish? I am very excited about this polish and will discuss it further in an upcoming blog post. However, the orange colour is much more neon than is showing up in the picture which I guess you could say also gives a twist to the tiger stripes. The pigmentation of this polish is very impressive, especially for the price. Anyway, I'll keep this brief because I will be discussing this polish and a couple more from the same brand in an upcoming blog post!
Do you like animal print nails? If so, which have you tried?

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Update + Negative Space Nails

Hey Everyone!
I couldn't tell you how many times I have redrafted this post in my head, because lets be honest, it is long overdue. As you're all probably aware exam season has just passed and so my main focus was getting through the last few weeks of my A-Levels. I completed my final exam last Friday and so ever since then I have been intending to get back into blogging, so here I am.
Since I'll have a lot more free time during the Summer I will have plenty of opportunities to blog, which I definitely will be doing. My goal is to get this blog up and running properly during the summer, as I am well aware that whilst I was still at sixth form my posting schedule was somewhat hit or miss. For this reason, I have come up with a posting routine and have a number of post ideas noted down for future posts. All of which I am very much looking forward to.
That said, I have still been doing my nails during my absence and so I have plenty of designs backed up for the moment. This put me at an advantage so that this post wasn't delayed any further!
The first design I have for you is a fuchsia and black negative space design. I had been wanting to do a negative space design for a while but I was unsure of how exactly I was going to go about doing it. This resulted in endless scrolling for inspiration and then finally coming up with the following:
As you can tell, the main tool used for this design was a striping brush because of the lineal structure of the design. I found that with negative space designs it is easiest to use this structure because otherwise things can look a little messy and the colours don't compliment each other as well as they could. I feel like the fuchsia is just enough of a contrast with the black whilst still being somewhat muted keeping the design pretty neutral.
One thing I found with this design is that you definitely have to be patient, especially when it comes to applying the top coat. This is because, due to the negative spaces, when a top coat is applied the colours can easily be dragged along one another and smudge into the empty gaps, causing them to be filled in and the design to no longer be negative space. So, that is just something to bear in mind if you wish to try out this nail design.
Each of the polishes used I'm pretty sure I have used in a previous post, I am certain I have used the black Superstar polish, the Emily The Strange striper and the Top Coat previously. However, I may not have used the High Brow fuchsia colour. I was very surprised with the pigmentation of this colour because it isn't a known brand. I know it is sold in B&M but I haven't seen it anywhere else. I also have a teal colour from the same brand which again, is very pigmented. So, if you're looking for some cheap polishes that are good quality and have great pigmentation I definitely recommend the High Brow polishes. From what I've seen they also have a huge variety of colours too, which is an added bonus.
Overall, this design is ideal for those who are new to nail art but want to do something a little more complex than polka dots and stripes. All you really need is patience for a design like this, as I said, with the merging of colours it can get a little risky, but nothing too difficult.
Have you done a negative space design before? What's your opinion on this trend?