Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter Nails

Hey Everyone! 
Happy Easter!
Or, if you don't celebrate Easter, Happy Spring!
This week I have for you an Easter/Spring themed nail design. Think pastels, bunny's, chicks and cute patterns. I love this time of year, growing up on the farm its so lovely seeing the first lambs of the year be born, not to mention the improvement in the weather. Its been winter for far too long, even though, with the drizzle today it doesn't seem like it'll be leaving for a while yet. 
Right To Left: Baby Chick; Bunny; Polka Dots; Easter Egg; Baby Carrots
For the first hand I had the staples in mind, bunny, chick and then a cute pattern for an Easter Egg. The baby chick is my favourite, if you can't really tell its a chick hatching from the egg. To do this I used white polish to draw a zig zag pattern along the tip of my nail. Since my yellow polish wasn't opaque enough to be placed right on top of the green I painted the shape of the chick with white polish and then added the yellow polish over top. For the details I added too small eyes, a little orange beak and then a brown spotting of feathers above it.
For the bunny I applied a rounded white curve to the tip of my nail with two lines above it. Within these lines I applied a pink polish for the ears and then a dot of pink for the nose. Above that I did two black dots for the eyes.
Polka dots are a classic nail design and in a variation of pastel colours they're the perfect idea for a statement nail if you just wanted to pick one of these designs. In order to create a perfect round dot a dotting tool or split bobby pin are essential for this.
Then, for the carrots I simply drew two orange triangles with green stripes above it for the leaves. For a little added detail I added brown stripes along the carrot to give it more texture.
As for the Easter Egg,it was completely spontaneous as far as the pattern goes. I began by dividing the base colour into sections with different coloured stripes before filling them in with different patterns.
Left To Right: Robin's Egg; Chick; Daisies; Bunny Out Of Hole; Bunny
This hand is perfect for those of you just starting out with nail art as you have no excuse but to participate in the Easter festivities with these designs. I copied the polka dot pattern again, due to the simplicity, as well as because it imitates the appearance of a robin's egg due to the mint green colour involved.
Next I applied a white base with two black dots and a mini orange triangle to imitate the appearance of a chick. In contrast to the chick on my previous nail, this one is much easier to do since less detail is involved. Although, it still looks just as cute!
The daises are essential for any Spring design, I am really getting into floral designs for my nails at the minute, as you can probably tell by the Rose Nails I featured on here not so long ago.
For the Bunny Out Of The Hole I applied a brown polish to the tip of my nail with a large white circle above that. I then drew two stripes out of the circle for the ears and within them I did a pink stripe. I then dotted two small white circles below the large one for the feet. Before adding two black dots and one pink one for the eyes and nose.
Finally for my thumb I applied a white half-circle to the side of my nail with two white lines above it for the ears. I then repeated the steps I previously took for all the other bunnies to give the bunny more detail.
As you can tell for the image above, and the nails themselves, they aren't shy. They're fairly out there and they definitely catch the eye. I love that in a nail design because it gives them more character. However, there's nothing more mischievous than a subtle nail art design on a neutral polish that's only noticeable if paid close attention.
You may recognise the smaller W7 polishes from my W7 Dot-To-Dot post. Included in that post was a smaller version of the yellow included in this post. I wanted to point this out as I commented on the opacity of the polishes in the W7 post. After using the full size again once I'd experimented with the sample I noticed the greater opacity - still not completely opaque but noticeably more than the sample. W7 is one of my favourite polish brands due to their high quality, long lifetime and variety of colours available so I thought this was worth mentioning!
Here are the polishes I used to add the detail to my nails, the polishes with the stars on the bottle are from a Superstar Nails set I received for Christmas. Whereas the central white polish is from a set I got, also for Christmas, called The Nail Boutique which I think is by The Colour Workshop.
Well, that's all for this weeks design! 
How will you be spending your Easter holidays?

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