Monday, 13 April 2015

Butterfly Nails

Hey Everyone!
This weeks nail art is something I've wanted to do for a long time I just haven't had the guts to do it. Whilst scrolling through Pinterest, Google Images and Tumblr searching for nail art inspiration I would always come across a butterfly nail art one way or another. It looked ever so pretty, especially over an ombre base, however, it appeared far too intricate for me.
Finally, I bit the bullet and decided to do it, to my surprise it was much easier than I imagined so. I adore the result because it is a classic staple nail and red polish has such an elegant appearance. I adore how this design turned out as it is such a pretty nail art look. The orange and red compliment each other beautifully but are different in tones so contrast simultaneously.
For this nail design I applied an orange base before ombre-ing a red polish over the tip using a dampened sponge to ensure the colours blended with ease. I then used a black striper to paint a curve in the left (right in the photo) corner of my nail towards the cuticle. Next I applied five lines off of the curved line, these lines were slightly off straight as they curved with the shape of my nail. I applied a black polish to the tip before rounding off the tops of the sectioned off parts. To finish off I added small white dots to the tip to give the wing a little more detail.
I thought this followed on nicely from my Easter Nails because butterflies represent spring to me as well, but the colours have developed from being pastel tones to suggest a transition towards Summer. That, and I wanted to try out butterfly nails and have only just gained the courage to do so. As well as this, I wanted to do a more intricate design for a statement nail and felt as though this design fulfilled that need nicely.
Above are the polishes I used in order to complete this design, the Neon Nails polish is from a set B&M, the kit they sell now is slightly different from the one I originally received as they have added another colour and altered some slightly. However, you can purchase a very similar one: Here. The orange is slightly pale and takes two coats to be completely opaque, however the resulting colour is stunning and bright.
The red, white and clear are from the Nail Boutique: The Colour Workshop I received for Christmas and have referred to frequently within posts ever since. If you would like me to do a review on the kit, I would be more than happy to because the quality of the polishes is beautiful and the top coat included above is of a very high quality.
I feel as though I am repeating myself by simply referring to the polishes as I have done previously and the black polishes are used throughout my blog because they are such staple colours. All the polishes above worked brilliantly together to complete this design so I definitely recommend all of the above!


  1. The butterfly is very cute as an accent nail! Goes so well with the red you used.
    xo, Pia

    1. Thank you, this has to be one of my favourite designs!