Friday, 13 March 2015

Rose Nails

Hey Everyone!
I'm not the type of girl who is big on flowers, however, rose nails are very popular in the nail art community and so I decided to give them a go myself. I seem to remember doing them previously although, this was before the birth of my blog. 
In order to ensure there was more to my nails than the statement roses on my ring fingers I applied two basic nail designs that you can't go wrong with to the left. On my pointer finger I did some simple white polka dots and on my middle fingers I did some white stripes with a slight twist. The centre stripe was a very opaque line of white polish whereas the two outer lines were slightly lighter as if the white polish had split into two smaller lines with the mint green centre. This wasn't intentional at first, but when I did it the first time I liked the depth it created and so imitated it onto the other side.
I'm fairly critical with my nails and so I wasn't really satisfied with the rose closest to my cuticle and much preferred the one towards the tip. Then I found that the difference in the roses made the design more unique. You may or may not be able to tell but the base colour of the rose closest to my cuticle was a pale pink colour, but the rose closest to my nail tip was white.
I am in love with the choice of colours I used for this nail design, especially the mint green base colour. In some lights it appears more blue than green but the versatility of the colour is so pretty. The quality is fairly good, however, it is not long lasting and tends to chip very easily. This may be due to my choice of top coat so I will have to experiment with that. Since the polish was from Primark I was interested on what it would be like, I am satisfied with the colour pay off and application, but now I need to work out what to do to make this beauty last longer!

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