Monday, 9 February 2015

Valentine's Nail Pack

Hey Everyone!
Unlike last weeks post, this weeks nail design is very much in the spirit of Valentine's for all you hopeless romantics. I opted for a classic pink, red and white colour scheme with the statement piece being a loveheart. Since this is a Valentine's Nail Pack over each nail I did a different design, so feel free to use them in your own creations or just pick one for a statement nail!
Left To Right: Heartbeat; Loveheart Leopard; Crackle Heart; Lovestruck Minion; Glittered Pink
In order to create the design on my thumb I opted for a baby pink shade polish to go with the red base. Using a toothpick you will then simply draw a zigzag pattern towards the centre of your nail and then in the middle draw the top half of the heart.
For the Loveheart Leopard, you will simply have to draw a couple of hearts in a lighter colour to the base coat and then outline them with black lines. This gives the hearts the leopard appearance, the more hand-drawn and doodle-like they look, the better!
The middle finger was inspired by a popular trend that was in the nail world not so long ago, crackle nails! To achieve this simply paint your nails with a white base, add a heart and then apply a crackle polish over top. In order to ensure the heart shape is clear I faintly outline the heart over top the crackle with the same polish used for the underlying heart.
On the ring finger I did a Lovestruck Minion. One of my favourite nail designs previously was my Christmas Minions and so I thought, why not give it a Valentine's twist? Simply draw a black line across the top of your nail, add a white circle for the eye. Outline in a grey and then add a small black dot to the center of the white circle to form the eye. Then, paint a darker pink square towards the bottom of the nail with two curved lines outwards for the dungaree straps. Finish off with a heart in the centre of the dungarees matching the base colour chosen for the Minion!
For the final nail simply paint the nail in a hot pink and add a glitter polish over top! The reason behind my choice of design on my little finger was stemmed from the glitter polish I used over top which I will talk about more later.
Left To Right: Glittered Red; Lovestruck Minion; Loved-Up Couple; Love Letter; Crackled Pink
Similarly to the Glittered Pink, the Glittered Red stemmed from the glitter polish I chose to use over top since the appearance of the polish in the bottle intrigued me.
For the Loved-Up Couple design on the middle finger simply paint a plain base colour. Then, draw a heart in the centre of your nail in order to show where your couple will be place. On either side of the heart draw your Loved-Up Couple as stick people!
The Love Letter design would be great for a statement nail since it is a subtle nod of the head to a Valentine's design, however, it isn't anything too eccentric if you prefer to keep your nails simple and clean. Plus, you can't go wrong with a class red polish. To create this design draw two black lines at a diagonal. Then, in a lighter colour draw the heart where the lines meet.
Above are the polishes I used to create the designs but feel free to switch out the colours to whatever fits your taste. The two glitter polishes I stated would be mentioned later and so I am going to talk about those now. They are from the The Nail Boutique Colour Workshop set I received for Christmas. The set I have mentioned previously in posts 1, 2, 3, 4, so I thought it best to show the set these polishes are from as picture below. 
The glitter polishes appealed to me because I was intrigued about how opaque the glitters are and how they transfer onto the nail. The pink glitter is pieces of pink glitter with chunkier bits of silver which add a unique effect. When applying it was easier to transfer the pink glitters so I placed the silver chunks onto the nail by dabbing the brush gently onto the nail for the silver to transfer onto the nail. 
The red glitter is simple plain red glitters, the pink and red glitters are fairly small so cover the nail generously.
I haven't had the best of look as far as Top Coats go, possibly because I am not prepared to splurge on one just yet. However, I am impressed with the Top Coat that came within this set. In my last post I mentioned how it seemed to drag the colour but was aware of the fact I hadn't left a decent amount of time for the polish to dry properly. Especially since with nail designs a number of layers of polish are included. However, with this design the dragging of colour was not an issue as I gave the polishes longer to dry. Also, the lasting time of the the polishes was very impressive, they didn't chip easily at all which is usually the case. I would say they last a good four-five days with only minor chipping.
I am very impressed with the quality of the polishes involved in this set so far, there is a great variety of colours and finishes as well as the fact the set supplies you with all the tools you need for a perfect manicure!
What are your nails like for the Valentine's Holiday? Will you be tempted to try out this set?

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