Monday, 12 January 2015

Farmland Creations

Hey Everyone!
If you saw my previous post you will be aware of the new nail polishes I received at Christmas, which is what inspired this weeks nail design.
My brother surprised me with these two adorable duck nail polishes, aren't they adorable? Even if the duck head does make the application a little difficult, they're still cute. In order to incorporate the two nail polishes I only used a few basic colours on the side:
In order to create the following design:
Keeping with the cute theme and and with Spring on the horizon - or maybe not due to the recent reports of a storm here in the UK - and so new life, as well as upbringing on a farm, I came up with the following design.
As you can see using a tooth pick and split bobby pin for the eyes I drew out a cow and sheep head onto my nail with the blue used for the background. You can see a snippet of green beside the sheep because at first I painted the tips in the same way as my thumb nail before adding the animal detail.
I mentioned previously the slight difficulty in the application of the due to the same of the lid, however, the actual polish seemed to apply fairly well, in both colours. It seemed the green was slightly less pigmented on the first coat but after two coats in both colours they were acceptably opaque.
On the nails which I painted green, I used the lime 'Neon Nails' polish picture above, this polish isn't opaque at all and applies best for the true colour, over a white base. However, I applied it this time over the darker green colour of the duck polish and scratched the polish back with a tooth pick to reveal the darker green underneath. In my opinion this gave the nails a grass-like effect.
For the tip of my thumb, I used a similar technique by applying a white polish to the very tip and scraping through it with a tooth pick before applying the lime coloured polish over top. Again mimicking the appearance of grass.
As the first nail design of the new year I am very happy with this design and look forward to more creations to come this year!

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