Sunday, 10 November 2013

Dieter Rams Inspired: Bench Prototype

Upon request after my previous post on Dieter Rams: Here. I informed I would be more than happy to post the sketches to my designs for the bench project I am working on. My designs have been inspired by the work of Dieter Rams as you are hopefully able to tell.
Above is one of the first designs I came up with and the one I decided to further develop as I feel it represented Rams' work the best.  The bench is able to seat for people in order to fulfil the purpose of being an outdoor seating bench suitable for sixth form students.The bench is of a very rectangular shape with linear curvings around the sides.The block, cuboid legs fits with the lineal theme, similar to the minimalism of Rams' work.
Upon the back of the bench are several rectangle cut outs to add a unique decoration to the simplistic bench. Nothing too out there but a subtle d├ęcor to make the design my own but still stay with the theme of Rams. Also, on the seat there are small separators to allow my design to increase the number of anthropometric data I would need to investigate and thus make the design more original.
As this was my first design, and the first stage of the designing process through further development the design did change a little:
As you can see there is a noticeable difference between the first and final design. Notably, I removed the block, cuboid legs and replace it with a solid, block base. This was recommended by my teacher as well as added more simplicity to the design and thus the making of the prototype. Not only the legs have changed though but because of that, a structural framing has been added to the design. This separates the different materials nicely and adds more depth to the design. Similarly, the sides of he block bottom have added two layered panels with differentiating materials. The different materials is a notable design aspect because it was common for Rams to mix a range of materials together that you wouldn't usually find together.
I briefly mentioned that the following is only the design process and I am going to be making a prototype of the bench when it is complete. I have already started making and so far, this is the direction it is going in:
I have three pieces of silver acrylic to represent the aluminium that would be used in industrial manufacture for the back of the bench, the seat and the front block.
I also have two small squares of the silver acrylic cut to imitate the side panels which will fit into the wooden veneer pva'd to some medium density fibre board which will both fit onto the side of the bench.
I will be sure to photograph and post the completed prototype since it is going so well so far.
I hope you enjoyed!


  1. heyyy, great post!!!
    i love your whole process and i really like your final design!
    its that kind of design which is simplistic but so very attractive!!!
    can't wait to see your prototype!
    much love,
    p.s. you've got mail, let me know if you didn't get it!

    1. Thank you very much!
      Exactly like Rams' works.
      I'm looking forward to completing it.
      Thank you for reading and I will do!