Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Not so long ago my English teacher set us some homework to find three names of shops you would visit and three names of shops you wouldn't visit. Then you had to pick from one of the shop names you would visit and design an advert for it. Me being me ,decided to, obviously, go all out and get creative so I whipped up the above edit. The purpose of the homework was to focus on the language used in advertisements and the persuasive techniques but I obviously used it as an excuse to catch up on some editing.
I am thrilled with the way this turned out. I am especially fond of the typography I opted for, for the 'Charmed' title. I feel like it fits the theme very well, especially since it was able to have a charm attached to the last letter in the title. The horse shoe charm having somewhat sentimental value as I have a gold necklace with a horse shoe charm on it which I never take off. That and the white border contrasts beautifully with the faded background of a purple toned charm bracelet, the basis of the advert. Which, ironically, didn't have the purple hue to it originally as I edited that in. The reason being because I related the colour purple to the word charmed as it sounds royal and luxurious which the colour symbolises. 
However, I do understand the whole matchy-matchy aspect with all the purple could be critiqued and I find it is a common thing for me to match the colourings but in this instance it appealed to me and I felt it worked well.
I hope you enjoyed!


  1. heyyy! haha sounds like an interesting project!
    i would probably do it on something like bloom, its a shop or blush, haha...
    i love your design, its beautiful!
    i love the fonts you used!
    much love,
    annie :*

    1. It was pretty interesting yes, ahah as does your idea!
      Glad you like the design and font choices.
      Thank you for reading!