Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dieter Rams Inspired

So its nearly the end of October and I haven't blogged since mid-September, you can thank sixth form for that. As much as I'm enjoying it, it really gets exhausting sometimes and I just wish I could sit down and relax with my iTunes on shuffle whilst I edit until my hearts content. Unfortunately, we live in a cruel world that doesn't give me this ability. Kidding, but really, since sixth form has been consuming the majority of my time I have been unable to edit recently.
That said, I have made great progress on the Moonshine Jungle Tour project I'm working on. I've posted two previews so far, here and here. Since I'm so far along with it I've decided that I won't be posting a third preview as the next time I post about it, it will be finished as I'll be taking full advantage of my week off this week to - hopefully - finish it up.
After that I have two mini-projects waiting on me which I'm pretty keen to get started on as it'll be a nice change from the Moonshine Jungle Tour project, as much as I've enjoy it, I never expected it to take so long. Its been worth it though as I'm really proud of it.
Anyway, enough rambling and time to get onto the sole purpose of this post.
In my Product Design class we're currently working on a project to make prototypes for outdoor benches suitable for outdoor seating in sixth form. At the beginning of the project we were told to choose a designer from a list given. Randomly I chose Dieter Rams after our teacher skimmed through a slideshow of the designers and their works. However, I didn't remember when we had to choose what Rams' work was like so it was a pretty blind choice.
So after we'd chosen we were told to research the designer of choice and I took and instant appeal to Rams' work. Its very clean, minimalistic and simplistic yet refreshing. Rams uses a neutral colour scheme with a mixture of unique materials to create the less-is-more feel to his designs. 
The main thing that intrigued me to Rams and his approach to the design world was his ten point principle of good design.

Since it is so true.
Nobody is going to be interested in a design if it isn't innovative or useful or any of the points on the list. Not only that, but each of the principles are able to easily be pin-pointed in Rams' own works.
Another interesting point of his work is the similarity between his designs way back when and those from Apple. The slim shapes, smoothed edges, basically shaped buttons and working features. 
Therefore, its safe to say that even though it was a random choice it was a blessing in disguise since his designs instantly appealed to me.
As well as this, it made designing the bench even easier because his designs were so basic but thoroughly designed and thus highly appealing. I really like the direction in which my design is going in. Would any of you be interested in seeing my design for my project?
If so let me know in the comments below!
I hope you enjoyed!


  1. heyyy, great post!!!
    no i dont know dieter rams! i will definitely check out his work!
    seems like an interesting project, hope you succeed an enjoy this project!
    i totally agree with point principle of a good design!
    i would love to see your design for this project(:
    much love,
    annie :* xx

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post and also glad you like Dieter Rams' works. It is an interesting project indeed, hopefully I will as I'm enjoying it so far!
      I'll be sure to post about it soon.
      Thank you for reading!