Thursday, 23 July 2015

Green + White Leopard Nails

Hey Everyone!
Today's nails are something bright but still a classic design, white leopard print! Initially I began this design using a lilac polish on the ring finger to create a floral design but I decided otherwise and opted for a leopard print design. Its been a while since I've done a design like this so I thought, why not! I based the design of choice around the base colour because I knew I wanted to use this gorgeous shimmery green colour.
The leopard design is fairly easy to create and in my opinion, the more hand-drawn and imperfect it looks, the better. I as usual used a tooth pick and white polish to do this design. I decided to do a leopard print border on the thumb and ring finger for a little twist. 
I chose a green colour because its been a while since I posted a nail design with this colour, I've been going for more pinks and blues recently. Plus, I had a look through my collection and this polish has been a favourite of mine for a while. I have a soft spot for green shades of polish.
As you can see the green polish is from a brand called Rebel in number 14, I looked at the back of the bottle and it stated it was from Wilkinsons. However, I did receive this polish a while ago and I looked on the website and couldn't find it. I found a picture on Pinterest of the "book" the polish came in, here, although mine had more pink colour polishes rather than the yellow and white pictured.
So I went on a hunt and found a few visually similar polishes:
I'd just like to say a big thank you for all the support I've been receiving on my blog recently, this is something I really enjoy and the supportive atmosphere in the community makes the experience even better!
Do any of you have a colour of polish you favour? What do you think of Leopard nails?

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Graduation Nails

Hey Everyone!
Last Thursday was my sister's Graduation and so obviously I had to do a nail design that marked the occasion, which is how I came up with this nail art! I wanted something that would go with the white dress I was wearing too, so the design was still something presentable and wearable without clashing too much. Which is why I opted for a white base, because you can't go wrong with white nails!
For this design I obviously had to incorporate the Graduation hat and scroll which I drew with nail polish and a tooth pick. I added a blue bow to the scroll which complimented the blue and yellow polka dots. I opted to split the drawings with polka dots because I was unsure of what else to draw, plus the dots were in the colours of my sister's university, so it worked well!
To create this design I used polishes you'll have probably seen in countless previous posts, especially the black and white because they're so universal. I bought the blue and yellow in a Neon Nails set from B&M a year or so a go. I don't think they sell the same collection any more, they still do a Neon Nails set but with different colours. They're not totally neon, just bright colours and different shades to the set that I got. The formula can be quite thick if they haven't been used for a while, and the opacity needs building. Around three coats is needed for full opacity when the colours are used on their own. Using them over a white base makes all the difference because it brings out the colours instantly. The set costs £2.99 from B&M stores.
What do you think of this design? Have you been to any Graduations recently?

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Chain Manicure

Hey Everyone!
This design is a huge contrast to the more summery ones I have been posting recently, it was an impulse design but something I wanted to try out! I had the urge to use the only matte polish I have in my collection - disappointing I know, I really need to get my hands on a matte top coat. Any suggestions?
The go-to design with a black matte polish would have been a chalkboard design but the weather was gloomy and so I wanted to do something a little more grungy which is how I came up with this design. 
As you can see I drew the chains using a toothpick by doing a white base and then layering the silver over top. I did this to ensure I had the right shape and direction of the chains before going in with the silver. It would be interesting to do this design with small silver links to make the chain aspect more 3D!
For the thumb and ring finger I used an Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat which gives a crackle effect with the matte polish peaking through ever so slightly. I felt this complimented the chains really well without my nails being totally dark!
I have to admit, as thrilled as I am with the result of the design, the black matte polish is note one I would recommend. It is from the Pretty brand that I discussed with my Nail Drying Spray in my last post, here. The reason I would not recommend it is because of the lifespan, it is awful. You're lucky if you get a days wear with it because by the end of the day after I had done my nails, it had totally chipped. I will hold my hands up and say I didn't use a top coat because I don't have a matte one! However, I don't really feel as though it would've made too much of a difference. The polish does come with a glossy top coat however, which I found works really well!
The silver polish though, I was very impressed with. I received it for Christmas a year or so ago with a red one also in Red Lava, the silver is called Mosaic Mica.With some crackle polishes I have found them to be very thick and in order for the polish to crack, they can have lumps in them. However, with this polish, that wasn't the case. The polish applied evenly over the nail and very thin. When first applied it appeared like an ordinary silver polish but then after a few seconds the cracks began to show. When the bottle is shaken you can hear a ball inside which I assume is used to keep the crackling. So, if you don't shake the polish and apply it normally, it will not crackle. This is something I have used the Red Lava one for.

Overall, I really like this design and I felt very badass when wearing it. It is a shame about the Pretty brand matte polish but as I say, it may be a different story with a matte top coat!
What's your opinion on matte nails?

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Pretty Nail Drying Spray Review

Hey Everyone!
Today I have another review for you all on the Pretty Nail Drying Spray. I have been using this for a few of months now and during this time I have repurchased it, so you can tell this product is worth buying. Especially since I recently ran out of it and the shop I usually buy it from is out of stock, so I'm having to do my nails without it, I am really missing it!
This spray does what it says on the can, it does speed up the natural drying process of your nails, however, I wouldn't say it was "ultra quick" since you do have to wait around sixty seconds before it leaves your nails dry and glossy. Of course, depending on the polish you use this spray with, it may dry a lot quicker.
The spray does have quite a powerful smell but it is more of a fragrance rather than a strong scent like nail polish remover, its bearable and personally, I quite like it. That said, the scent does remain on your nails for a day or so after you've painted them but it is by no means as powerful as when first sprayed.
The spray is very easy to use too, its simply and aerosol and so doesn't interfere with painting your nails or cause any smudging. 
I would also have to say that this spray has somewhat of an impact on the length of your manicure. For me, I would spray it after each coat of polish, after adding the design and then again after applying my top coat. I feel as though the spray seals in each layer which increases the lifespan of your manicure.
Although, if the polish you are using is prone to staining your nails, the spray can increase this also. This isn't too much hassle, it just means removing your manicure will be a little more time consuming in order to remove all of the previous polish.
This product is available pretty much anywhere, Poundland £1, Amazon £2.89 and £2.99. Depending on how often you repaint your nails and how often you'll be using the spray could depend on whether its worth the price or not. For me, since I paint my nails regularly I obviously use the product up a lot quicker than someone who may only do it weekly. Knowing how beneficial this product is for my manicure process I wouldn't mind paying an extra pound or so, but its all down to personal preference.
Have you tried the Pretty Nail Drying Spray or a drying spray similar to it?

Friday, 10 July 2015

Pink + Orange Palm Tree Nails

Hey Everyone!
Sorry I didn't get this post up yesterday, things have been a little all over the place this week but better late than never, right? Today I have a suggested design from Klaudia Clara, she asked if I could do a gradient orange and pink nail design which got me thinking of what I could add to it. For this reason, I kept things pretty simple and opted for a statement nail. The statement nail featured a palm tree because I feel the orange and pink base with the black silhouette worked well together. Also, with the brightness of the colours as is, I didn't want the added detail to be anything too busy.
Before beginning the orange and pink gradient I applied a white base polish in order to ensure the opacity of my colours was at its highest. Plus, I found this made the colours blend together much easier because of how they lightened in the middle with the white base allowing them to fade into one another with ease. I think these colours would work beautifully even with an added purple colour at the tips which would really finish off the design!
I used a toothpick to draw out the silhouette of the palm tree, I found this was the best tool to use rather than a brush since it gave me the ability to add a little more detail and texture for the leaves of the palm tree as well as for the ground at the tip of my nail. Also, the design didn't have to be anything too neat or precise because of this which I think is very beneficial and would make the design even easier for any nail art newbies out there!
I am in love with this pink polish by W7, it is called Party Pink and it is a very vibrant, neon pink that has iridescent under tones so in the light there's a glimmer of purple and blue tones. It is truly stunning and I get compliments every time I wear it. When I wear this polish on its own I apply only two coats with no white base, but you could easily get away with one because it is so pigmented. The website says it retails for £4.95 however, I am positive I only spent £2 on it maximum. I had a search and found the polish on Nail Polish Direct for £2, and for £3. If you're a fan of pink polishes though, its definitely worth picking up!  W7 polishes seem to be available pretty much anywhere, on the website it lists a few places including Asda and Next to name a couple.
As for the other polishes, I discussed the adorable orange bottle in my last post as well as my Tiger Stripes Twist design!
I am in love with this design because it is so bright and perfect for Summer! It has been a while since I wore such vibrant colours on my nails so a change was overdue.
Have you tried gradient nails? What are your favourite colours to ombre?