Sunday, 2 February 2014


More often than not, if you've never met me before one of the first things you'll notice about me is my nails. And if you do know me, it's still something you'll pick up on because you're probably expecting it from me. It is becoming impossible for me to paint my nails a simple colour and leave it at that due to the fact I adore trying different nail art designs and techniques. They also add a different accessory to your look opposed to a jewellery piece or item of clothing, they add something different to your appearance.
I know, nail art has very little to do with graphic design which is why I edited a couple of the designs I have done to make it worth posting about. I'm pretty proud of the way they turned out and obviously, they have been touched up from how the original designs are upon my nails but not a lot.

I'm also asked often how I create my nail designs, do I use a nail art brush? Do I use stamps? Do I use stickers? Nope. Nada. I simply use a toothpick or split bobby pin to create the different designs upon my nails. Yes it makes them a little more difficult, time consuming and sometimes stressful but the end product is always so unique and definitely worth the time.
I decided to create this post on a whim, I was lacking in inspiration on things to edit so why not combine something I've been loving into a blog post by editing my nail art? I had no clue how it would turn out and whether I would actually publish them but I'm pretty glad I went for it.

Especially now since I have gathered inspiration for new edits that I'll be sure to be getting started on soon and posting about later in February.
I hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Dieter Rams Inspired: Bench Prototype Complete

A few posts ago I posted a Dieter Rams Inspired post where I informed you all of my appeal to his work and how I hoped to incorporate that into the first unit for my Product Design course. I then posted about the final design for the prototype I was making and how I had developed it further. Now, I have fully made the prototype and attached all the individual pieces together, since it was requested that I post about it, here I am posting about it.
Below are a range of pictures of the finished prototype from many different angles;
I made the seat, back and front using silver acrylic to imitate the appearance of aluminium and cut it out using a laser cutter. I then screwed those those parts into two pine side pieces which separated the block effect of the silver acrylic. Upon the side pieces I drilled a hole in the center of the square part and attached a small cut out square of silver acrylic over top giving the sides more definition. 
With this being my first unit of the course I didn't expect it to turn out as well as it did since I have used any of the resistant materials processes since before year nine since I took Graphics for GCSE. 
We have now began our second unit which is focused upon jewelry and highly appeals to me, more so than this unit did so I am looking forward to creating pieces for that.
As I said in my new year post I will be posting a lot more from now on so be sure to keep an eye out for more posts coming soon. 
I hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Moonshine Jungle Tour Complete

Back in July I posted the first preview of an edit focused around Bruno Mars' Moon Shine Jungle Tour. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge fan of him (complete understatement) so it was only right for me to do an edit of my favourite artist.
The edit was an idea that just struck me one day, it is quite abstract now its finished but it completely fits the idea of the tour in my opinion. It also took a lot longer than I anticipated due to the fact after I initially chose the photo above to base my edit on, I didn't realise at first how much hidden detail was actually in the photograph.
So, its safe to say a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into completing this edit but in the end it was definitely worth it as I hope you can agree.
Similarly to previous edits I have posted so far on this blog, I stuck with the technique I initially began using in the pieces featured in the Never Neverland Preview post. The difficulty only came when I started on each band members shirts, not realising at first how many different colours, textures and shapes were featured on them all. However, I am very proud of how they turned out.
The most enjoyable aspect of the edit was probably the faces and seeing them come to life. At first they would begin as a yellow or grey outline but then as I further developed them they came more and more to life.
I spent the majority of New Years Eve day finishing this off and developing this post in the evening.
One of my new years resolutions is going to pay this blog more attention and try my best to edit more which means also post more. I'm aiming for this blog to be a portfolio of my graphics as well as a scrapbook of designer inspirations of mine and other graphic-oriented topics. It only just occurred to me that I haven't posted since November and this blog isn't going to be a success if I keep neglecting it.
Happy New Year!
I hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Dieter Rams Inspired: Bench Prototype

Upon request after my previous post on Dieter Rams: Here. I informed I would be more than happy to post the sketches to my designs for the bench project I am working on. My designs have been inspired by the work of Dieter Rams as you are hopefully able to tell.
Above is one of the first designs I came up with and the one I decided to further develop as I feel it represented Rams' work the best.  The bench is able to seat for people in order to fulfil the purpose of being an outdoor seating bench suitable for sixth form students.The bench is of a very rectangular shape with linear curvings around the sides.The block, cuboid legs fits with the lineal theme, similar to the minimalism of Rams' work.
Upon the back of the bench are several rectangle cut outs to add a unique decoration to the simplistic bench. Nothing too out there but a subtle d├ęcor to make the design my own but still stay with the theme of Rams. Also, on the seat there are small separators to allow my design to increase the number of anthropometric data I would need to investigate and thus make the design more original.
As this was my first design, and the first stage of the designing process through further development the design did change a little:
As you can see there is a noticeable difference between the first and final design. Notably, I removed the block, cuboid legs and replace it with a solid, block base. This was recommended by my teacher as well as added more simplicity to the design and thus the making of the prototype. Not only the legs have changed though but because of that, a structural framing has been added to the design. This separates the different materials nicely and adds more depth to the design. Similarly, the sides of he block bottom have added two layered panels with differentiating materials. The different materials is a notable design aspect because it was common for Rams to mix a range of materials together that you wouldn't usually find together.
I briefly mentioned that the following is only the design process and I am going to be making a prototype of the bench when it is complete. I have already started making and so far, this is the direction it is going in:
I have three pieces of silver acrylic to represent the aluminium that would be used in industrial manufacture for the back of the bench, the seat and the front block.
I also have two small squares of the silver acrylic cut to imitate the side panels which will fit into the wooden veneer pva'd to some medium density fibre board which will both fit onto the side of the bench.
I will be sure to photograph and post the completed prototype since it is going so well so far.
I hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Not so long ago my English teacher set us some homework to find three names of shops you would visit and three names of shops you wouldn't visit. Then you had to pick from one of the shop names you would visit and design an advert for it. Me being me ,decided to, obviously, go all out and get creative so I whipped up the above edit. The purpose of the homework was to focus on the language used in advertisements and the persuasive techniques but I obviously used it as an excuse to catch up on some editing.
I am thrilled with the way this turned out. I am especially fond of the typography I opted for, for the 'Charmed' title. I feel like it fits the theme very well, especially since it was able to have a charm attached to the last letter in the title. The horse shoe charm having somewhat sentimental value as I have a gold necklace with a horse shoe charm on it which I never take off. That and the white border contrasts beautifully with the faded background of a purple toned charm bracelet, the basis of the advert. Which, ironically, didn't have the purple hue to it originally as I edited that in. The reason being because I related the colour purple to the word charmed as it sounds royal and luxurious which the colour symbolises. 
However, I do understand the whole matchy-matchy aspect with all the purple could be critiqued and I find it is a common thing for me to match the colourings but in this instance it appealed to me and I felt it worked well.
I hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dieter Rams Inspired

So its nearly the end of October and I haven't blogged since mid-September, you can thank sixth form for that. As much as I'm enjoying it, it really gets exhausting sometimes and I just wish I could sit down and relax with my iTunes on shuffle whilst I edit until my hearts content. Unfortunately, we live in a cruel world that doesn't give me this ability. Kidding, but really, since sixth form has been consuming the majority of my time I have been unable to edit recently.
That said, I have made great progress on the Moonshine Jungle Tour project I'm working on. I've posted two previews so far, here and here. Since I'm so far along with it I've decided that I won't be posting a third preview as the next time I post about it, it will be finished as I'll be taking full advantage of my week off this week to - hopefully - finish it up.
After that I have two mini-projects waiting on me which I'm pretty keen to get started on as it'll be a nice change from the Moonshine Jungle Tour project, as much as I've enjoy it, I never expected it to take so long. Its been worth it though as I'm really proud of it.
Anyway, enough rambling and time to get onto the sole purpose of this post.
In my Product Design class we're currently working on a project to make prototypes for outdoor benches suitable for outdoor seating in sixth form. At the beginning of the project we were told to choose a designer from a list given. Randomly I chose Dieter Rams after our teacher skimmed through a slideshow of the designers and their works. However, I didn't remember when we had to choose what Rams' work was like so it was a pretty blind choice.
So after we'd chosen we were told to research the designer of choice and I took and instant appeal to Rams' work. Its very clean, minimalistic and simplistic yet refreshing. Rams uses a neutral colour scheme with a mixture of unique materials to create the less-is-more feel to his designs. 
The main thing that intrigued me to Rams and his approach to the design world was his ten point principle of good design.

Since it is so true.
Nobody is going to be interested in a design if it isn't innovative or useful or any of the points on the list. Not only that, but each of the principles are able to easily be pin-pointed in Rams' own works.
Another interesting point of his work is the similarity between his designs way back when and those from Apple. The slim shapes, smoothed edges, basically shaped buttons and working features. 
Therefore, its safe to say that even though it was a random choice it was a blessing in disguise since his designs instantly appealed to me.
As well as this, it made designing the bench even easier because his designs were so basic but thoroughly designed and thus highly appealing. I really like the direction in which my design is going in. Would any of you be interested in seeing my design for my project?
If so let me know in the comments below!
I hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

David Koma x HTC One Mini

David Koma sketches of HTC One mini
The image above is showing two examples of fashion designer David Koma's two exclusive designs for the special edition of the new HTC One Mini ahead of London Fashion Week. Ten of the following designs are currently being given away to celebrate the collaboration and release of the HTC One Mini. All that is asked is you design your own HTC One Mini cover with your take on the theme 'Change.' Not one to pass up and opportunity to design and win something, I gave the contest a go:
I am pretty happy with the turnout of the design as it isn't anything two complex with hidden details throughout that you notice with every second glance. The design, you may notice, is of a silhouette style and so distant from my usual technique, however, for such a design purpose I felt that this style was more appropriate.
For more information about the competition: Click here.
I hope you like it!