Thursday, 30 April 2015

Nicki Minaj Inspired Nails

Hey Everyone!
I intended to get this post up last week but things have been so hectic for me with the upcoming exams I have at sixth form, so blogging has been put on the back burner so to speak. Anyway, I still wanted to get this design up because it is something unusual and something I haven't tried before.
A couple of weeks ago Nicki Minaj posted the following nail design on her Instagram:
A photo posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on
I was lacking ideas for my nails as it was and so I thought, why not try an inspired nail look? Especially since a lot of conversation on social media was circulating about her rumoured engagement. It could be said my design is somewhat toned down as I don't have claw nails, nor did I opt to use the diamonds, however, if you want to, why not!
As you can see I opted for a similar colour scheme and followed suit of the designs. I used a thin striping brush to apply the intricate linear pattern, whilst for the polka dots I used a dotting tool. In my opinion the colours in the design compliment each other very well and I must say they aren't usually colours I would opt to use with each other. This seems like a common thought on the designs as I must say I received many compliments on the unique design.
If you enlarge the image above, this will be more clear, but the silver polish I used is actually a mosaic effects top coat by Avon. If you wish for me to do a more in depth post on this polish in the future, I will, as I also have a red one. However, since I hadn't used the polish for a while, it separated slightly in the bottle which allowed me to use the polish just as a simple silver polish without achieving the mosaic effect which was exactly what I wanted.
I found all the polishes I included in this design were of very good quality with brilliant colour pay off. The teal colour I used on my thumb is one of my new favourites because of the bold, bright appearance. As well as the fact it appears more blue or more green depending upon the lighting.
Hopefully, I'll be able to get more posts up soon as I manage my time better! I don't have too many exams overall and they are nicely spread out so that gives me plenty of time to catch a free period of time to dedicate to blogging.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Butterfly Nails

Hey Everyone!
This weeks nail art is something I've wanted to do for a long time I just haven't had the guts to do it. Whilst scrolling through Pinterest, Google Images and Tumblr searching for nail art inspiration I would always come across a butterfly nail art one way or another. It looked ever so pretty, especially over an ombre base, however, it appeared far too intricate for me.
Finally, I bit the bullet and decided to do it, to my surprise it was much easier than I imagined so. I adore the result because it is a classic staple nail and red polish has such an elegant appearance. I adore how this design turned out as it is such a pretty nail art look. The orange and red compliment each other beautifully but are different in tones so contrast simultaneously.
For this nail design I applied an orange base before ombre-ing a red polish over the tip using a dampened sponge to ensure the colours blended with ease. I then used a black striper to paint a curve in the left (right in the photo) corner of my nail towards the cuticle. Next I applied five lines off of the curved line, these lines were slightly off straight as they curved with the shape of my nail. I applied a black polish to the tip before rounding off the tops of the sectioned off parts. To finish off I added small white dots to the tip to give the wing a little more detail.
I thought this followed on nicely from my Easter Nails because butterflies represent spring to me as well, but the colours have developed from being pastel tones to suggest a transition towards Summer. That, and I wanted to try out butterfly nails and have only just gained the courage to do so. As well as this, I wanted to do a more intricate design for a statement nail and felt as though this design fulfilled that need nicely.
Above are the polishes I used in order to complete this design, the Neon Nails polish is from a set B&M, the kit they sell now is slightly different from the one I originally received as they have added another colour and altered some slightly. However, you can purchase a very similar one: Here. The orange is slightly pale and takes two coats to be completely opaque, however the resulting colour is stunning and bright.
The red, white and clear are from the Nail Boutique: The Colour Workshop I received for Christmas and have referred to frequently within posts ever since. If you would like me to do a review on the kit, I would be more than happy to because the quality of the polishes is beautiful and the top coat included above is of a very high quality.
I feel as though I am repeating myself by simply referring to the polishes as I have done previously and the black polishes are used throughout my blog because they are such staple colours. All the polishes above worked brilliantly together to complete this design so I definitely recommend all of the above!

Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter Nails

Hey Everyone! 
Happy Easter!
Or, if you don't celebrate Easter, Happy Spring!
This week I have for you an Easter/Spring themed nail design. Think pastels, bunny's, chicks and cute patterns. I love this time of year, growing up on the farm its so lovely seeing the first lambs of the year be born, not to mention the improvement in the weather. Its been winter for far too long, even though, with the drizzle today it doesn't seem like it'll be leaving for a while yet. 
Right To Left: Baby Chick; Bunny; Polka Dots; Easter Egg; Baby Carrots
For the first hand I had the staples in mind, bunny, chick and then a cute pattern for an Easter Egg. The baby chick is my favourite, if you can't really tell its a chick hatching from the egg. To do this I used white polish to draw a zig zag pattern along the tip of my nail. Since my yellow polish wasn't opaque enough to be placed right on top of the green I painted the shape of the chick with white polish and then added the yellow polish over top. For the details I added too small eyes, a little orange beak and then a brown spotting of feathers above it.
For the bunny I applied a rounded white curve to the tip of my nail with two lines above it. Within these lines I applied a pink polish for the ears and then a dot of pink for the nose. Above that I did two black dots for the eyes.
Polka dots are a classic nail design and in a variation of pastel colours they're the perfect idea for a statement nail if you just wanted to pick one of these designs. In order to create a perfect round dot a dotting tool or split bobby pin are essential for this.
Then, for the carrots I simply drew two orange triangles with green stripes above it for the leaves. For a little added detail I added brown stripes along the carrot to give it more texture.
As for the Easter Egg,it was completely spontaneous as far as the pattern goes. I began by dividing the base colour into sections with different coloured stripes before filling them in with different patterns.
Left To Right: Robin's Egg; Chick; Daisies; Bunny Out Of Hole; Bunny
This hand is perfect for those of you just starting out with nail art as you have no excuse but to participate in the Easter festivities with these designs. I copied the polka dot pattern again, due to the simplicity, as well as because it imitates the appearance of a robin's egg due to the mint green colour involved.
Next I applied a white base with two black dots and a mini orange triangle to imitate the appearance of a chick. In contrast to the chick on my previous nail, this one is much easier to do since less detail is involved. Although, it still looks just as cute!
The daises are essential for any Spring design, I am really getting into floral designs for my nails at the minute, as you can probably tell by the Rose Nails I featured on here not so long ago.
For the Bunny Out Of The Hole I applied a brown polish to the tip of my nail with a large white circle above that. I then drew two stripes out of the circle for the ears and within them I did a pink stripe. I then dotted two small white circles below the large one for the feet. Before adding two black dots and one pink one for the eyes and nose.
Finally for my thumb I applied a white half-circle to the side of my nail with two white lines above it for the ears. I then repeated the steps I previously took for all the other bunnies to give the bunny more detail.
As you can tell for the image above, and the nails themselves, they aren't shy. They're fairly out there and they definitely catch the eye. I love that in a nail design because it gives them more character. However, there's nothing more mischievous than a subtle nail art design on a neutral polish that's only noticeable if paid close attention.
You may recognise the smaller W7 polishes from my W7 Dot-To-Dot post. Included in that post was a smaller version of the yellow included in this post. I wanted to point this out as I commented on the opacity of the polishes in the W7 post. After using the full size again once I'd experimented with the sample I noticed the greater opacity - still not completely opaque but noticeably more than the sample. W7 is one of my favourite polish brands due to their high quality, long lifetime and variety of colours available so I thought this was worth mentioning!
Here are the polishes I used to add the detail to my nails, the polishes with the stars on the bottle are from a Superstar Nails set I received for Christmas. Whereas the central white polish is from a set I got, also for Christmas, called The Nail Boutique which I think is by The Colour Workshop.
Well, that's all for this weeks design! 
How will you be spending your Easter holidays?

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

McBusted Nails

Hey Everyone!
This weekend I got the chance to see McBusted life which inspired this weeks nail design, McBusted nails, of course! I have to say I have been lucky in having not been suffering from post concert depression for a while, but after Sunday its hit me hard. The boys put on such a good show and the chemistry made the atmosphere all the more enjoyable. So, if you get the chance to go to a McBusted or solo McFly or Busted show, go for it. Those guys were my childhood, basically.
Anyway, onto the nails...
Left To Right: McBusted Logo; Dougie; Tom; Danny; CrackleTo make the design plainly obvious about who the mini figures were I included the logo on my thumb. I made sure the red rectangular outline was applied neatly but not completely opaque so the line was slightly separated to imitate the bands official logo. Likewise for the text within the rectangle, apologies for the inability to see the text so I did my best to explain it.
The first finger was Dougie, clearly represented by his longer hair. Likewise, the middle finger was Tom which can easily be indentified by his glasses, even though, on the night I saw him he had green hair, should've probably checked that. And the next finger was Danny, in order to create the hair for each I used a toothpick and dashed lines to give the hair texture as well as a difference in shade throughout. Unsure of what to do on my little fingers I kept it fairly simple with a crackle polish in the band colours, red on this hand and black on my other.
Left To Right: Crackle; Harry; James; Matt; Initial
The Initial nail was a blessing in disguise, I began using a black striper to draw a heart but that didn't work out. So, using a dry piece of tissue I wiped the polish from the nail that left rustic like grey streaks across the nail. The centre was more white which is why I added the 'M' initial. Even though this wasn't my intention for the nail, I like the way it turned out because the smudges added a unique texture to the nail. 
I kept the facial detail for the figures very simply because I found adding a black pupil spoiled the design and so I kept it plain white. I have done a similar design previously for a The Vamps concert I attended with the same technique:
For the most part I used the hair to represent the person it is supposed to be by mixing different colours together to create the correct one, which is why the colour palette for this design is fairly neutral.
For the green of Tom's hair I mixed the teal like green colour and yellow W7 polish to create the paler green featured on my nail. However, the green colour intrigues me and I will definitely be featuring it in a future post due to the brightness and uniqueness of the colour. As mentioned, the others are fairly neutral, however, sometimes a neutral nail design works well and in this case it compliments the nail art overall due to its simplicity.
For the added detail on the nails I used the black Emily The Strange striper I talked about in my previous post: here.
Funny story about the W7 white crackle polish featured, I actually have a couple of bottles of this polish because I have been in need of a white polish and have picked it up by accident. Not having read the label. There is an alternative colour of the sticker now which is white with black crackles making it more obvious this isn't a plain white polish. However, I can't complain too much because I personally really like the crackle trend and the effect in which this polish gives. I must say though, that you do have to work carefully with it and definitely wait until the polish is fully dry. Otherwise, it tends to drag the colour beneath it which sometimes leads to the white crackle becoming pigmented a paler colour of the base. This can sometimes be an added bonus since it doubles the use of the product.
The BYS Nail Enamel polish is actually a glow in the dark polish, since it was a concert and I hadn't used it in a while I thought, why not? Again you have to be careful with it since it can drag the polish beneath it, its a pretty thick gloss so its understandable to a certain extent. Although, I don't want to see too much at this point because I intend to do a full review on the polish in the near future.
By the way, if you ever see a polish that I have only used a minimal amount of in a featured design, or have a request for a nail design you'd like to see, don't hesitate to let me know in the comments below as I'm always open to new ideas!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

St. Patrick's Nails

Hey Everyone!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Since I have some Irish blood in me I couldn't deprive the holiday of a nail art design, especially since the colours are so eye catching and the design just screams Ireland its difficult for it to go unnoticed. I received a number of compliments on this design and it is definitely one of my favourites so far, and hopefully you will feel the same about it as I do.
Left To Right: Pot Of Gold; Clover; Leprechaun Belt; Leprechaun; Irish Flag
Once you see the nail polishes I used for this design it'll become very clear that the majority were for the Pot Of Gold. In order to ensure the colour of the polishes for the rainbow would be vibrant I painted a white curve from the side of my nail down to the tip. This created an arch, I then drew out the pot and the gold with a tooth pick. The difficult part was applying the colours of the rainbow carefully to ensure each colour had an even amount of space.
The Clover was fairly simple since the leaves are basically hearts rotated at different angles and the stem is a curved line. I had to do this design in white first before applying the lighter green because the light green polish is not very opaque on its own, however, over a white polish it is very pretty.
For the Leprechaun Belt I used a black striper across the centre of my nail a few times to even out the thickness of the belt before outlining a white square on the centre for the buckle. The striper I used is from a kit I received a while ago called Emily The Strange. I have used stripers before and they have turned gloopy over time or the striper itself isn't straight, so its safe to say I haven't had a very good experience with them. Which is why I tend not to use them. However, with this striper I haven't had any issues. It is very easy to work with and the black polish is perfectly opaque. Although, you do have to be careful you don't end up with a large blob of polish dropping onto your nail from the striper's stick.
The Leprechaun is one of the statements of this nail design because it draws the initial attention since the nails before that had the green base polish. Whereas this nail has a bright orange tip to imitate the Leprechaun's beard. For his hat I applied green across the cuticle and through the centre added a black line for more detail. I dotted white polish for the eyes and then a small amount of black into the centre. As well as using the black for the small curve for the mouth. I mixed a white, orange and red polish to create the peach toned colour for the Leprechaun's nose also to pull the design all together.
My little finger is ideal for those of you who wish to bring out your inner Irishman but don't want something too out there or difficult. Simply apply a white base polish to your nail with green on one side and orange on the other.
Since my blog is based around my designs I don't not tend to post the opposite design because on a number of occassions I only do a basic colour on the opposite hand due to the detail some designs require. For this nail art I simply painted my nails in the colours of the Irish flag alternating depending on the nail, which is yet another idea for those of you who don't feel comfortable going all out with such a design.
Let me know what you think of this design and how you spent St. Patrick's Day in the comments below!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Rose Nails

Hey Everyone!
I'm not the type of girl who is big on flowers, however, rose nails are very popular in the nail art community and so I decided to give them a go myself. I seem to remember doing them previously although, this was before the birth of my blog. 
In order to ensure there was more to my nails than the statement roses on my ring fingers I applied two basic nail designs that you can't go wrong with to the left. On my pointer finger I did some simple white polka dots and on my middle fingers I did some white stripes with a slight twist. The centre stripe was a very opaque line of white polish whereas the two outer lines were slightly lighter as if the white polish had split into two smaller lines with the mint green centre. This wasn't intentional at first, but when I did it the first time I liked the depth it created and so imitated it onto the other side.
I'm fairly critical with my nails and so I wasn't really satisfied with the rose closest to my cuticle and much preferred the one towards the tip. Then I found that the difference in the roses made the design more unique. You may or may not be able to tell but the base colour of the rose closest to my cuticle was a pale pink colour, but the rose closest to my nail tip was white.
I am in love with the choice of colours I used for this nail design, especially the mint green base colour. In some lights it appears more blue than green but the versatility of the colour is so pretty. The quality is fairly good, however, it is not long lasting and tends to chip very easily. This may be due to my choice of top coat so I will have to experiment with that. Since the polish was from Primark I was interested on what it would be like, I am satisfied with the colour pay off and application, but now I need to work out what to do to make this beauty last longer!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

W7 Dot-To-Dot

Hey Everyone!
The nail design I am about to show you was inspired by the W7 Dot-To-Dot Nail Parlour in Brights. The set comes with three mini polishes and a dotting tool with nail design ideas featured on the packaging. There are four other colour combinations available:
As you can see there are a variety of choices to fit your liking depending what kind of nail polish style you go for. I love kits like this because I think they are perfect for people just starting out or experimenting with nail art designs especially if they've never tried it before. Plus, with the dotting tool included in the kit, you have the equipment to get you started too! Since the polishes are mini, I think this was a great move by W7 to allow consumers to try out their polishes before buying the full bottle. On the website, the actual polishes are £4.95 per bottle, however, I have seen them in various stores for £1-£2. The mini kits are £4.95 also, so you get three mini polishes and a dotting tool for the price of one whole polish.
A few of the nail designs featured in the look I went for were inspired by those featured on the packaging to test the difficulty of them. Some were pretty simple, for example, my ring finger picture above which is all polka dots. However, my little finger was slightly more difficult with the diagonal line of dots with the two in the centre. The dotting tool featured comes with a dotter on each end, one with a larger point and one with a smaller point. Depending on the amount of polish you pick up on the dotter depends on the size of the dot, so if you really want a small dot be sure to pick up a smaller amount of polish.
The quality of the polishes was strange in comparison to W7 polishes I had purchased previously since they tend to be very opaque. However, with the mini polishes they required at least 2-3 coats for a fully opaque finish. Surprisingly, the pale purple colour was the most opaque of them all. I do feel like the colours in the polish work well together though, and they compliment each other well.
Having looked into the other kits available, I would definitely be interested in trying out another kit for the reasonable price as well as the variety of colours available.
If you end up purchasing one of these kits be sure to let me know which one and what you thought of it!